Boarding at Keio

There are 300 boarders and about thirty Commuters. Every student is a member of a House, of which there are six, denominated K E I O N and Y. Each House consists of fifty students across the age range, creating a family of seniors and juniors. Girls are housed separately from boys.

Each House is run by a Head of House, who has complete responsibility for the well-being, academic, co-curricular and social, of the students in his or her House. The Head of House is also the first and main point of contact for parents. The Head of House is assisted by a Resident Advisor, and also by a team of Faculty Advisors each of whom comes into the House during Study Hall to take an interest in the progress of students. This structure ensures that students have a team of supporters who know them well.

Tables in the Dining Hall are arranged in House configurations to ensure a family atmosphere. There is always an adult at every table to ensure good conversation and good table manners.

Heads of House

A          John Reyes                         

B          Joseph Meringolo                

C         Caryn Shaw                        

D         Samantha Shoppell             

E          Jennifer Wells                     

G         Iwao Maruta                        


Resident Advisors

A          Luis Rodriguez                     

B          Yoshiaki Tsuboyama           

C         Yoko Ueda                                      

D         Angelika Ferguson              

E          Kathleen Tremblay             

G         Byeonmin Cheong               

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